The power and freedom of digital impressions

iTero enables the doctor to take a 3D digital scan of the patient's teeth and bite, make adjustments in real time, and transmit the file wirelessly for processing.



iTero can streamline the way you work

Patient scanned
Digital file and precsription form electronically transmitted to Align through the Invisalign Doctor site
ClinCheck Treatment plan is created
ClinCheck treatement plan is posted for review and approval. 50% faster than PVS
Review Scan
Send to Lab
Model Milled or STL Export for Model-less Restoration Fabrication
Restoration Fabricated
Restoration Placed
Scan with iTero
Design with E4D Design Center
Same day restorations fabricated chairside with E4D Mill
*iTero and E4D Certified Connectivity
Doctor scans case with iTero
Doctor sends file to laboratory
Laboratory reviews case with iTero online or with CAD software
Lab designs custom abutment and restoration coping if desired
Lab sends the updated model design file to Align for iTero model fabrication
Doctor seats both the custom abutment and restoration during the same appointment
Section 8 Step 8
* Business partners (e.g. BIOMET 3i, Straumann, etc.) have validated their implant solution using iTero
Dentistry and scan by Dr. Deborah Ruddell, D.D.S., Fort Meyers, FL USA
Laboratory restorations fabricated by Rick Sonntag, 4Points Dental Design Inc., St Petersburg, FL USA
Review Scan
Retrieve STL export from MyAligntech
Send STL export to third party treatment provider
The accuracy and fit of my iTero restorations has cut my insert appointments to a third of the time.
Dr. Leonard Tau, Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA