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3-part Autumn Mini-series:
The Complete Digital Dentist:
Clinical applications in a multi-disciplinary practice

Drs Ramirez and Filtchev have shared a selection of best practice cases to demonstrate the scope and application of digital tools used for everyday restorative and implant dentistry.

14 September 2022

Meet the Speakers.


Dr Pablo Ramirez

Dr Pablo Ramirez(Spain)

Dr Dimitar Filtchev

Dr Dimitar Filtchev(Bulgaria)

In this three-part webinar mini-series, General Dental Practitioners, Lab Technicians and Restorative Specialists shared how they have embraced digital technology to create lean, effective and attractive practices, able to support a complete range of treatments to meet the expectations of today`s patient.

Topics in this session:

  • Advantages for the digitized multi-disciplinary practice
  • Harnessing your digital platform – managing the treatment workflow, treatment planning, smile design and more
  • Clinical case: Veneers – working with a minimal invasive approach
  • Clinical cases: Single posterior implant, single implant in the aesthetic zone

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