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digital excellence series

Lab Insights 2022

How dentists and technicians can thrive within the digital environment


Date: Wednesday 20 October, 2021

Guest speakers:

Paolo Battaglia (DentalClinc lab s.a.s., Italy)
Ashley Byrne (Byrnes Dental Laboratory, UK)
Jørgen Gad (Art Pro Dental Design, Norway)
Uli Hauschild (Uli Hauschild Dental Design, Germany, Italy, France)
Moderator – Chris Barrow

What dentists and technicians need to know about why the modern laboratory has embraced the digital dental revolution and how the integration of technician and dentist in the digital landscape is a game-changer.

Now is the time to evaluate where opportunities can be found, and to decide what to take into 2022 and what to leave behind.

Join our specially invited panel of thought leaders and experts representing over 100 years in the dental laboratory business, for a dynamic roundtable taking on the biggest questions today.

Over 90 minutes we will address the critical challenges and opportunities within dental, and how they affect and influence an industry and those working within it.

  • How significantly is our future trajectory in dentistry influenced by recent events?
  • What are the greatest challenges we will face right now?
  • Where are the clinical and business opportunities that we should be aware of?
  • What is the real impact of accelerating digital adoption through dental practices?
  • How is the dental practice/dental laboratory dynamic evolving?
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