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digital excellence series

The digitally powered new patient experience


Date: 2 March, 2022

Guest speakers

Dr Marcos White
Dr Kristina Baumgarten
Moderator: Chris Barrow

We are pleased to share the New Patient Workflow Steps as provided by Dr Marcos White. This downloadable PDF features clear steps to follow and interactive video guidance and examples of patient scenarios.

Download the interactive Workflow steps PDF

In this session, General Dental Practitioners and Invisalign providers Dr Marcos White and Dr Kristina Baumgarten, shared how transforming their new patient consultation into a visual and inspirational experience delivered results to have everyone smiling. 

They demonstrated how one scan is at the heart of a future oriented workflow and provide practical guidance how to implement a process designed to take patient engagement, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment planning to another level. 

Topics included:

  • Addressing a fundamental shift in meeting patient needs & expectations
  • `I have hated my teeth all my life` - The emotional significance of the first visit
  • Winning patient trust, understanding and collaboration to improve their dental situation with a clinically driven, holistic approach
  • Creating the right environment: the digital tools, a suitable space and practice teamwork
  • How compliance, consent and financial considerations are managed
  • Developing your business through high patient engagement and advocacy

Whether you currently work with an intraoral scanner or not, you are welcome to explore the digitally powered new patient experience.

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