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How technical communication advances Dr – Lab collaboration

23 November 2022

Meet the Speakers.

Join digital dental leaders Dr Ingo Baresel and Ashley Byrne, and explore a fundamental topic in successful dentistry – communication of clinical information and its interpretation into a spectrum of appliances and restorations.

Dr. Ingo Baresel

Dr. Ingo Baresel(Germany)

Ashley Byrne, (Byrnes Dental Lab)

Ashley Byrne, (Byrnes Dental Lab) (UK)

Failure to communicate information effectively is often the root cause of poor clinical results. It`s easy to get things wrong. However, as our guest speakers will demonstrate, a communication flow based on the digital systems readily available today, (tools you may already own), can provide significant advantages to both Doctor and lab technician.

This is the beauty of technical communication - reliable, predictable, fast and accurate - and, as we will discover, able to support the subtleties and artistic nuances of dentistry.

Topics / discussion points

  • From the chair to lab and back again - what does good technical communication look today?
  • Establishing your communication workflow – exploring an effective mix of digital tools and systems, and understanding where you can identify and improve weaknesses in your workflows
  • Why dental labs need GPs to digitize – creating unique advantages for the dental practice and patient
  • Creating less communication – why less is more when we count on efficiency
  • Tech tips and pitfalls – talking cloud communication, exocad and more - expert guidance on which tech to consider and how to apply it

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