Training and Support
as Advanced as the iTero Element Scanner Itself

The advanced technology and design of the new iTero Element scanner transforms in-office training and integration. Our training curriculum is designed to offer a blended learning approach that encompasses self-guided online learning, instructor-led learning and ongoing continued education.


Training Foundations guides you through an interactive, self-guided online training that is available on the scanner or, through the learning center. After completion of this training, learners will have the proficiency necessary to begin practice scanning.



During the Clinical Core, an iTero clinical instructor will provide two 2-hour sessions of hands-on training using our interactive virtual classroom and e-guidebooks. Learners will participate in these sessions from their clinical practice using the webcam that is included with the system. The virtual classroom application provides improved scheduling flexibility, and enables the clinical instructor to gain, client approved, remote access to the scanner in order to view scanning and provide real-time feedback. After the Clinical Core sessions, learners will have the skills necessary for successful integration of the iTero Element into the practice.



Our advanced webinar program provides peer-to-peer education designed to support learners continued education and demonstrates how doctors and teams, are fully integrating the iTero Element into their daily workflow. For more information, or to subscribe to our webinar program go to

Training videos

1. Scanning and Charting for a Single Unit Prep