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Evaluating the impact of scan body angulation and geometric attachments on the accuracy of complete-arch digital implant impressions: A comparison of two intraoral scanners. 

Ra'fat I Farah, Bandar Alresheedi, Saad Alazmi, Sanaa N Al-Haj Ali.


Journal of Prosthodontics

Coordinate-based data analysis of the accuracy of five intraoral scanners for scanning completely dentate and partially edentulous mandibular arches.  Wang, X., Zhang, F., Ma, D., Ye, X., Zheng, X., Ren, R., & Bai, S. 2024 The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry  
Clinical validation of near-infrared imaging for early detection of proximal caries in primary molars. Cao, J., Fang, Y., Liao, Y., Wang, Y., Yang, R., Zhang, Y., Zhang, Q., & Zou, J. 2023 Journal of Dentistry  
Accuracy of the Intraoral Scanner for Detection of Tooth Wear Mitrirattanakul, S., Neoh, S. P., Chalarmchaichaloenkit, J., Limthanabodi, C., Trerayapiwat, C., Pipatpajong, N., Taechushong, N., & Chintavalakorn, R. 2023 Int Dent J.  
The effect of different tooth preparation finishing procedures and immediate dentin sealing on the scanning accuracy of different intraoral scanners Revilla-León, M., Cascos-Sánchez, R., Barmak, AB., Kois, JC., & Gómez-Polo, M., 2023 Journal of Dentistry  
Diagnostic validity of early proximal caries detection using near-infrared imaging technology on 3D range data of posterior teeth. Litzenburger, F., Heck, K., Kaisarly, D., & Kunzelmann, K. H. 2022 Clin Oral Investig.  
Investigation of the Accuracy of Four Intraoral Scanners in Mandibular Full-Arch Digital Implant Impression: A Comparative In Vitro Study. Di Fiore A, Graiff L, Savio G, Granata S, Basilicata M, Bollero P, Meneghello R. 2022 Int J Environ Res Public Health  
In Vitro Comparison of Three Intraoral Scanners for Implant-Supported Dental Prostheses. Costa V, Silva AS, Costa R, Barreiros P, Mendes J, Mendes JM. 2022 Dent J (Basel)  
Reflected near-infrared light versus bite-wing radiography for the detection of proximal caries: A multicenter prospective clinical study conducted in private practices Zvi Metzger, Dana G. Colson, Peggy Bown, Timo Weihard, Ingo Baresel, Tim Nolting 2021 Journal of Dentistry  
A comparison of near-infrared imaging with other diagnostic tools for dental caries. Valeria Vanella, Raffaella Castagnola, Luca Marigo, Nicola M. Grande, Gianluca Plotino 2021 Minerva Dental and Oral Science  
Assessment of Fit on Ten Screw-Retained Frameworks Realized through Digital Full-Arch Implant Impression Maurizio De Francesco, Edoardo Stellini, Stefano Granata, Sergio Mazzoleni,
Francesco Saverio Ludovichetti, Carlo Monaco and Adolfo Di Fiore
2021 Applied Sciences  
Comparison of conventional, photogrammetry, and intraoral scanning accuracy of complete-arch implant impression procedures evaluated with a coordinate measuring machine Marta Revilla-León, Wael Att, Mutlu Özcan, Jeffrey Rubenstein 2021 Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry  
Accuracy of full-arch digital impressions: an in vitro and in vivo comparison. Christine Keul,
Jan-Frederik Güth
2020 Clinical Oral Investigations  
Trueness of 12 intraoral scanners in the full-arch implant impression: a comparative in vitro study Francesco Guido Mangano, Oleg Admakin, Matteo Bonacina, Henriette Lerner, Vygandas Rutkunas and
Carlo Mangano
2020 BMC Oral Health  
The effect different substrates have on the trueness and precision of eight different intraoral scanners. Ethan Dutton, Mark Ludlow, Anthony Mennito, Abigail Kelly, Zachary Evans, Alexander Culp, Raymond Kessler, Walter Renne 2020 Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry  
Trueness of digital intraoral impression in reproducing multiple implant position Ryan Jin-Young Kim, Goran I Benic, Ji-Man Park 2019 PLOS ONE  
Intraoral digital scans-Part 1: Influence of ambient scanning light conditions on the accuracy (trueness and precision) of different intraoral scanners. Marta Revilla-León, Peng Jiang, Mehrad Sadeghpour, Wenceslao Piedra-Cascón, Amirali Zandinejad, Mutlu Özcan, Vinayak R Krishnamurthy 2019 Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry  
A new method to measure the accuracy of intraoral scanners along the complete dental arch: A pilot study. Mikel Iturrate, Erlantz
Lizundia, Xabier Amezua,
Eneko Solaberrieta
2019 Journal of Advanced Prosthodontics  
Randomized controlled clinical trial of digital and conventional workflows for the fabrication of zirconia-ceramic fixed partial dentures. Part III: Marginal and internal fit. Goran I. Benic, Irena
Sailer, Marco Zeltner,
Janine N. Gütermann,
Mutlu Özcan and Sven
2019 Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry